What is Cup of Sugar anyways?

A blog about people, trust, and exploration

What's the Goal of Cup of Sugar?
Every day, I will either ask for help or give help–hopefully both. This will remind me and those whom I encounter that we’re all just beings with the same needs and the same desire to be good. Ultimately, I hope this will inspire others to continue asking and giving to everyone, regardless of relation. The dream is to build an interdependent world where trust and relying on others are the greatest hallmarks of strength.
Why Make Cup of Sugar?
I’ve had dreams of traveling since I was young but how could I travel while continuing to give back to my community? And how could I make sure that I stepped far enough out of my comfort zone to have a truly mind-altering experience? Combine those two questions and you get Cup of Sugar, a blog about giving back (i.e., helping) and stepping out of my comfort zone (i.e., asking for help).
Why Read Cup of Sugar?
The stories of helping, being helped, and the deep connections that follow will:

  1. )  Inspire trust in your fellow man.
  2. )  Show that it’s not shameful to ask–in fact, it’s an act of courage.
  3. )  Illustrate that joy comes to all who help.
Cup of Sugar Anthem
Remember when people asked their neighbors
For cups of sugar to cook up delights
Comfortably supported by others
Free from famine and protected from blights?
These days, when you need a cup of sugar
The cashier asks you “Plastic or paper?”
And you drive straight home, separate and safe
Stranger to your neighbors, hidden by drapes.
“Don’t let them come near, they’ll hurt you or worse”
Plagued by fears of closeness, our culture’s curse
Constantly collecting more than we need
Feeding the fires of fear with our greed
Break your heart’s floodgates, let the joy downpour
Dowse your fear with this deluge of amour
Offer strangers a smile and helping hand
Cynicism washed off with each new friend
Never before did bonds form so quickly
As when built upon humble entreaties
Practice this art of asking every day
Audaciously wear your heart on display.
By Laura Shiley
Cup of Sugar Playlist
“The best music is essentially there to provide you something to face the world with.” –Bruce Springsteen

Who Runs Cup of Sugar?

My partner, Kris, makes sure that I don't get into too much trouble wherever I go.

Hello there, my name is Laura Shiley and I believe in the far-fetched notion that people should let go of their paranoia in favor of trust and compassion.

Fun Facts

I’m the queen of frugality. I saved $20k in 9 months—and that was on a caregiver’s salary of $13/hour. (But some weeks I worked 90 hours.)

Nearly every occupation that I’ve ever considered is in the service of helping people–teaching, counseling, nursing, etc.

The only occupation outside of that category is brewing beer. My dream is to open a brewery hostel, which would also satisfy my need to care for people.

When I’m not traveling, you can find me at home brewing beer. One of the best was a sour pumpkin brown ale aged with cognac-soaked oak chips.

While on the road, you can find me in the nearest brewery “doing market research,” figuring out the secret to excellent beer.

Out of all the websites on-line, Couchsurfing is my favorite. It allows me to do what comes most naturally—trust people.

Hitchhiking is my preferred method of travel because it’s about the journey and the people you meet along the way.

The best job that I’ve worked was as a deckhand in Alaska. Cruises be damned, working on a boat is the best way to see the state.

At my university in Colorado, I helped create a club, Secular Students and Skeptics Society. Within a few months, we had +30 people at our weekly meetings.

Hello friend, my name is Laura and I'm a caregiver in "early retirement," hitchhiking around the world. I made this blog to keep me on track of my goal, to give and ask for help everyday--and to inspire others to do the same. As the sort of person who used to refuse even the simplest of help, this is a trying task. But the rewards are greater than you could imagine. Click here to learn more or contact me at Laura.Shiley@Gmail.Com

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