Daily Deeds

Easy as give, receive, repeat

Every day, I give and ask for help. I call this my Daily Deed. This is the heart of Cup of Sugar. It’s driving force. Each picture represents one person either whom I helped or who helped me. Click on each picture and hover over to read the story.

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Join me in this heart exercise of Daily Deeds. It might sound like a large feat at first, but you’ll find that it quickly becomes second nature. Send me your stories below and I’ll share them here if you’d like.

Hello friend, my name is Laura and I'm a caregiver in "early retirement," hitchhiking around the world. I made this blog to keep me on track of my goal, to give and ask for help everyday--and to inspire others to do the same. As the sort of person who used to refuse even the simplest of help, this is a trying task. But the rewards are greater than you could imagine. Click here to learn more or contact me at Laura.Shiley@Gmail.Com

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